Event Venues

Verizon Ballroom

The Verizon Ballroom is a large event venue that holds up to 600 people in theatre seating. It is a great location for banquets, lectures, dances, information fairs, awards ceremonies, and more. The ballroom is equipped with premium sound and 5 large projection screens. Recently, the ballroom has also served as a classroom for large, lecture style courses while other buildings on campus are under construction.

Anne Kittrell Art Gallery
The art gallery, while generally used for art exhibitions, can also be used to host receptions.

International Connections Lounge
Recently rededicated and renamed in 2012, the International Connections Lounge is and has always been one of the busiest locations in the Union and one of the most popular event venues. Thousands of students pass through this lounge every day. It is a great location for events of all types, including games, musical performances, art shows/sales, information fairs, and more.

Theatre Lounge
The Theatre Lounge is a quaint lounge located just outside of the Union Theatre. It a small venue, typically used for receptions or events for 50 people or less.

Union Mall
The area extending from the front of the Union to the fountain is called the "Union Mall". This area can be reserved for outdoor events by contacting the Union Reservationist at 575-2146. The area beyond the fountain leading up to Mullins Library can be reserved by contacting Facilities Management at (479) 575-5050. For large scale events held outside, it is usually ideal to reserve both spaces.

Union Theatre
The Union Theatre is a 247-capacity venue with stadium seating and a large projection screen. It is a great place for plays, ceremonies, performers, movie showings, and more. The Union Theatre also hosts classes Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.