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Arkansas Union Updates Mask Policy

April 1, 2021

The Arkansas Union has issued additional guidance to building patrons and campus offices regarding the use of masks in the facility.

Effective immediately, all masks worn in the building must meet additional guidelines above and beyond campus and Arkansas Department of Health recommendations, according to Union Director Dr. Rob Stagni. "Basically, we're done playing around. We want full masks that hide your entire face. No eyes, no ears, nothing. Welcome to Halloweentown" Stagni says. Masks may be accompanied by full-body suits, so long as the suit matches the mask.

Acceptable masks should be made of heavy latex, should be very uncomfortable to wear, and should frighten small children. The Union has a strong preference for masks depicting supernatural beings, so we don't want to see that gorilla suit roaming around. Also, if your mask happens to be purple and gold, just leave it at home. Better yet, get rid of it entirely. 

In addition to the updated mask policy, the Union is considering an updated Space Usage Policy that would permit Union staff take well-deserved naps next to the fireplace. Students would be able to book nap times, pending space availabiltiy and a Bring Your Own Pillow policy.

Stay tuned to @ArkansasUnion on Instagram and Twitter to see who falls for this, and a very happy April Fool's Day to all our family and friends on campus.

New Mask Requirement


Union Provides 24-Hour Study Spaces

December 7, 2017

The Arkansas Union is once again providing study rooms for the Fall Finals period. Beginning today, rooms 503 and 504 in the Arkansas Union are dedicated as 24-hour access, open study spaces. The rooms feature an assortment of tables and chairs, beanbag seating, whiteboard, and dozens of extra electrical outlets. The rooms are available now through the end of finals, Friday December 15th, and can be used for silent study, group work, or a short study break.

In addition to the space itself, Union Staff will periodically provide snacks and refreshments in the space. Stay tuned to @ArkansasUnion on Twitter to see when those snacks and drinks are restocked. 


Long Tables for Long Study Sessions

August 9, 2017

The Arkansas Union Living Room, in its never ending quest to maximize utility and space, now beckons students with yet another new feature. The recent addition of large, bar-height study tables with integrated hooks and power present new options for students seeking a quick pause or longer stay in the facility.

"The new long study tables near ABP give students another option for how they work and meet in the Living Room" says Union Director Rob Stagni. "We've put lots of new, creative furniture into the space, but now students can hunker down in a group, more privately, and get work done." The tables feature both bar-height stools as well as standard tabletop spots. "We wanted to make sure the tables served a variety of student needs, including those of our students in wheelchairs" Stagni says.

The tables have replaced a jumble of round tabletops that were previously underutilized, Stagni says. "Before, we'd have maybe eight people in that space. Now, we can easily seat 40, and everyone gets their own electrical outlet and backpack hook." With new furniture purchased earlier in the summer, the seating capacity of the Living Room now exceeds 200 patrons, a 100% increase over the previous capacity.

New changes to the Living Room are still underway, as the Union and IT Services work cooperatively on a renovation of the Info Center, Tech Spot, and annex staircase. "My hope is that returning students almost don't recognize the room with all the changes we've made" says Stagni.  "New furniture, new opportunities, new help desks, new staircases... there's something for everyone in this space, and that's how it should be."


Construction Continues...

July 21, 2017

The Living Room of the Arkansas Union continues its long transformation into a better place for students and the campus community to gather. After multiple rounds of feedback and input, living room furniture was purchased and delivered this summer to the building. Thus far, both New Student Orientation and various band camps have helped break things in for students' eventual return in August.

As part of a larger effort to revitalize the building, the Info Center and IT Help Desk are also undergoing a transformation. The new spaces will be bright, modern, and useful to students seeking assistance in any area. As part of this project, the main black steel stairwell between these desks will be closed from July 24th until mid-August for a refresh as well. Renderings of these new spaces can be found on the Arkansas Union Twitter and Facebook pages.

The Union is appreciative of the campus' patience while these changes are under way. We know that students are going to love using them once complete!


Union Needs Feedback on Living Room Furniture

February 17, 2017

The Arkansas Union will hold drop-in feedback sessions for new Living Room furniture this week. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to come and share their thoughts about the furniture options, colors, and configurations. Feedback sessions will be held on Monday, February 20th, 10:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. and Tuesday, February 21st 10:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. in the Arkansas Union Living Room. Participants will be asked to rate multiple furniture options and provide feedback on their choices. Snacks will be provided during the session.



New Phone Charging Lockers are Electric

January 30, 2017

The Arkansas Union Information Center is proud to announce the installation and use of a new phone charger locker system. This new system, replacing the current "valet" phone charging system in use at the Info Center, allows  patrons to individually secure and charge their phones for a short period of time.

The lockers, located next to the Information Center in the Union Living Room, work on a simple, self-chosen PIN system. Patrons simply select an available locker, connect their phone, close the door, and input their own, unique, on-the-spot PIN to secure. To retrieve, simply use the same PIN to open the door. PINS are automatically erased after each use, ensuring user security and consistency of experience.

Each locker contains an Apple Lightning connector, as well as a Mini USB connector. Any questions about locker use may be directed to Arkansas Union Info Center staff, or the Arkansas Union Administrative Office in ARKU 634. The locker was purchased by the Arkansas Union in response to student input requesting more secure phone charging capabilities.



2nd Floor Restrooms Closed for Renovation

July 14, 2016

The Arkansas Union is announcing the closure of the public restrooms on the 2nd floor of the facility. These restrooms will be closed starting Thursday, July 14th, and will re-open by early October. 

The restrooms are undergoing a revamp to help provide for more efficient services, according to Union Director Rob Stagni. "The large male and female restrooms will be replaced with single-stall, lockable spaces that will feature more ADA compliance and other amenities" said Stagni. The restroom project is being funded by the Arkansas Union's normal operating budget. "We hope to look at how these are received, and possibly make changes to other restrooms in the future" Stagni said.

In the meantime, patrons or building staff needing a restroom will be directed to facilities on either the first or third floor.


Union Entry Closed for Flooring Work

May 23, 2016

The Arkansas Union "A2" entryway, also known as the Garland Underpass, will be closed for construction work from Monday, May 23rd until Tuesday, May 31st. The entrance will be completely inaccessible, and patrons as asked to enter the building through another means, such as the bus depot (3rd floor), parking garage (2nd floor), or either terrace (A3 floor). The stairwell adjacent to this entrance is also closed on the A2 floor, requiring patrons to use the elevator or other means to travel through the facility.

Once completed, the new flooring will be durable, sound-absorbing, and a great test for future flooring projects.




Union Open 24/7 During Finals

April 27, 2016

The Arkansas Union will once again open its doors 24/7 during Finals. Students are welcome into the building anytime between 7am on Friday, May 6th (Dead Day) and the end of the day on Friday, May 13th (last day of Finals Week). Union Staff will add extra tables and chairs to many common spaces to provide more studying opportunities for students in the building.

As is customary, the Union has also set aside a few rooms dedicated to academics during this time period. The following rooms are designated as labeled from May 6th to May 13th:

  • ARKU 512: Study Break Room (come relax, have a snack, swing on the hammmock, etc.)
  • ARKU 513: Group Study Room (conversation welcome, but keep it academic)
  • ARKU 514: Silent Study Room (grab your headphones and dig in)

These rooms will be open 24 hours a day during the Finals time period. If these rooms fill up, students will be directed to other available spaces in the building as reservations permit.



New Fountain To Be Constructed

April 1, 2016

Fayetteville, AR – The Arkansas Union is proud to announce the purchase and installation of a new fountain for the Union Mall. “Unions everywhere are getting bigger and more ornate, and it’s time the Arkansas Union caught up to the pack” said Union Director Rob Stagni. “Putting a new fountain out front helps create the impression of a new Union, without actually having to change anything inside.”

The new fountain, costing approximately $15 million, will be installed over the summer and will take eight years. “Building patrons may notice a disruption in front of the building as we make way for the new fountain” according to Special Events Coordinator Chase Smith. “But these changes will help us in the long run.” When asked to identify how the new fountain would help, Smith ran away.

The fountain will be paid for out of a combination of Facilities Funds, and a new “Entry Fee” that the Union will collect as each student enters the building. Students will be charged 45 cents each time they enter the building, according to Director Stagni. “Students may also opt to toss their fee directly into the fountain. Exact change is appreciated.”

An artist’s rendering of the new fountain can be seen below. Questions should be directed to nobody in particular. 


Happy April Fools' Day from the Arkansas Union!


Spring Break Construction

March 10, 2016

Over the Spring Break holiday week, portions of the Arkansas Union will undergo further electrical work, stemming from the full electrical shut-down this past winter break.

Specifically, the impacted areas  will be the Union 6th floor, and the catering kitchen. Both the 6th floor (Off Campus Lounge, Veterans Center, and Career Center) and catering areas will be closed from Tuesday, March 22nd until Friday, March 25th. These offices will operate normally on Monday, March 21st. The impacted offices have made the following arrangements for Spring Break week:

Career Development Center: The University Career Development Center Office is closed due to ARKU electrical repairs Tuesday, March 22-March 24, 2016. However, we are providing limited career services via phone or Skype. Please call (479) 575-2805 if you would like to schedule an appointment.  We will be closed Friday, March 25, 2016 for Spring Break and will reopen Monday, March 28.

Off-Campus Student Services: Off-Campus Student Services and the Commuter Lounge will be closed March 22nd-25th. To reach our staff please email occ@uark.edu and you will receive a response during business hours. Visit http://offcampushousing.uark.edu for listings of local rental properties. 

Veterans Resource & Information Center:  The Veterans Resource & Information Center (VRIC) will be closed for electrical repairs from Tuesday, March 22nd thru Friday, March 25th.  During this time, please contact the VRIC staff through email at vric@uark.edu.  VRIC will reopen on March 28th.   We apologize for any inconvenience.  


Now Reserving...

February 1, 2016

The Arkansas Union is now accepting reservations for the 2016-2017 academic year! Clubs, departments, and groups wishing to reserve space through July 31, 2017, are now able to do so through the online reservation system. Patrons should visit virtualems.uark.edu to sign in (creating a new account, if one doesn't yet exist) and can request space beginning today. Requests are processed in the order they are received in the EMS system, so be sure to book your spaces early! 

Once requested, processing of the request may take up to 2 business days. Please call the Arkansas Union Administration Office at 575-2146 if you do not hear back from us within a few work days. All requests are tentative until confirmed through the system, and all reservations are subject to our policies and pricing.


Welcome Back!

January 15, 2016

It's been quite a productive break at the Arkansas Union. Crews successfully transitioned the Union's old power devices and electrical panels into brand new, state-of-the-art systems that will allow for more efficient power usage and tracking. This updated equipment, purchased in conjunction with Facilities Management, will give the Arkansas Union a reliable power supply system for the next 40 years, give or take.

In addition, crews are winding down construction on the roof, and have removed the dumpster and chute from the loading dock. Another crew has nearly completed renovation work on the North Terrace, which when complete will feature large cement pavers, new furniture, and those large tents you know and love.

Now, if only we had some students...


Construction Shut-Down

December 16, 2015

The Arkansas Union is shutting down early this winter break, and will open late in January, due to ongoing construction in the facility. Many offices in the building are relocating, closing, or working from other places during this project. The Union will close Saturday, December 19th at 6pm, and will not re-open to the public until 6am on Monday, January 11, 2016.

The construction being performed is a major overhaul of the building's electrical panels, and the replacement of the main electrical switchgear. The replacement of these items is a "once every 40 years" project, and the goal is to perform this work primarily while students are away from the building and campus. Due to the nature of this project, the entire Union will be an active construction site, and no one  will be allowed inside for the duration of the work.

For a complete list of tenant relocations and other office's plans, please visit union.uark.edu a few days before the shut-down.


#CaptureARKU Photo Contest

November 4, 2015

The Arkansas Union is proud to announce the beginning of its new photographic contest, #CaptureARKU, beginning today and running through the end of the fall semester.

Students, faculty, and staff are asked to take photos of the Arkansas Union, and submit them via social media (with the #CaptureARKU hashtag). The photos can be of the Union building itself, or events taking place in the facility, or just general photos of people taking advantage of the many things the Union offers. Photographers without social media accounts may also contact the Union Admin office directly to submit photos. 

The winning photos will be selected, and the best will be printed off and mounted in a newly-redesigned meeting room in the Union. All chosen photos will be credited to their original photographers. Both "moment" photos (taken on a phone) and retouched/processed/professional photos are welcome for submission.


Special thanks to Instagram user Campful for the use of his photo.