Frequently Asked Questions

With so many different departments and resources located within the Arkansas Union, we often receive several of the same question. Feel free to read through the list below to gain valuable information about the Arkansas Union. If your question is not listed below, please contact us at (479) 575-2304.

Q. I just recently enrolled in the University of Arkansas. How do I get a University ID card? 

University of Arkansas ID cards are issued at the Campus Card Office, located on the fourth floor of the Arkansas Union. A new graduate or undergraduate ID card costs $22.00. Graduate students who received their undergraduate degree from the U of A may trade it for a graduate card, free of charge. Other wise they will need to pay the standard replacement fee ($18.00 for all replacement cards). University Affiliate ID card costs $10.00.

Q. Where can I get flyers approved and post them? 

The Office of Student Activities, in ARKU A665, approves all flyers or small posters. Approved flyers may be posted on one of the two cork bulletin boards located in the Union.

Q. Where is the Union's Lost and Found? 

The Union lost and found is at the Arkansas Union Information Center on A3. However, the Lost and Found within the Arkansas Union is only for items lost within our building. The Campus Lost and Found is located at the Facilities Management Building. They can be contacted at 575-4494.

Q. Where is the University Bookstore & what time does it open?

  The University Bookstore is now located in the Garland Center at 616 N. Garland Avenue across from the NW Quads and attached to the Garland Parking Garage. The bookstore is opened from Monday-Thursday 8 am - 8 pm, Friday 8 am - 5 pm, Saturday 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm.

Q. Where are the Financial Aid, Registrar, Admissions, and Cashier Offices? 

Located inside Silas Hunt Hall, which is at the corner of Maple and Garland.

Q. How do I dial to a number not within the University?

  Dial 9 and then the number. The courtesy phones only dial local numbers.

Q. Where can I get my Parking Permit?

  Parking and Transit which is located on Razorback Rd. Their phone number is 575-PARK. You can also purchase a parking permit in the Harmon Garage at The Parking Spot.

Q. Where can I check out a Laptop computer?

  You can check out a laptop at the Student Technology Center on the 3rd Floor of the Arkansas Union near the Union Market Food Court.

Q. Where is the Computer Lab in the Union? 

The Computer Lab is located right next to the Union Living Room on A3.

Q. Where is the International Students and Scholars  Office? 

The International Student & Scholars Office is located in Holcombe Hall. Their phone number is 575-5003. For International Admissions Office please call 575-6246.

Q. Where is the scholarship office? 

The Scholarship Office is located in Old Main in Room 518. You can call them at 575-4464.

Q. Where can I find out about Study Abroad? 

The Study Abroad office can be contacted at 575-7582 or visit their office in the Fulbright Institute which is located on 722 W. Maple Street, across the street from the Graduate Education Building.

Q. Where is the Center for Educational Access (CEA)? 

It is located on the second floor of the Arkansas Union past Union Hair Care.

Q. How can I get around campus if I have a disability that makes it hard for me to walk? 

Call Parking and Transit and ask about Paratransit services (575-6993). Also contact the Center for Educational Access and ask about registering for services (575-3104).

Q. Where can I find Student Organizations, New Student & Family Programs, University Programs, KXUA, and the Center for Community Engagement? 

They are located on Floor A6 of the East part of the Arkansas Union. Go up the black staircase next to the Information Center and turn left. There is also an elevator in the Living Room next to the Women's Restroom that can take you to these offices.

Q. Where is the Infant Development Center? 

It is located on 536 North Leverett. You can call them at 575-7482.

Q. Where can I find the Multicultural Center? 

The Center for Multicultural & Diversity Education is located on the south end of Floor 4 of the Arkansas Union. It is the area beyond the study lounge behind glass doors.

Q. Where can I find work study information? 

There are two locations you can find this information. To find out if you qualify for work study or to apply for it you need to visit the Financial Aid offices. To find work study listings visit Employment Opportunities at .

Q. Where can I rent a locker? 

You can rent a locker on the 6th floor of the Arkansas Union in Room 634. You can rent by the semester or by the year. For the semester it costs $10.00 and for the year it costs $15.00. Lockers are also available during the summer for $7.00. The lockers themselves are located on the 2nd floor, near the Razorback Shop.

Q. What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Razorbuck$?

  Dining Dollars are included with most meal plans. They can be used at any Chartwells Campus Dining Services location (except those located at Athletic venues) for food purchases only. Dining Dollars have no actual cash value. Razorbuck$ are actual dollars loaded on a debit account connected with your campus ID. Razorbuck$ are accepted at many campus locations including the University Bookstore, and Chartwells Campus Dining locations (except Athletic venues). Razorbuck$ users receive a 5% discount at Campus Dining locations. Razorbuck$ are often used at a handful of establishments off campus. All of the information can be found on their  website.

Q. What is Late Night? 

Late Night is an option for meal plan holders to use a meal swipe for up to $6.50 in food purchases at the Union Market, Monday - Friday, from 5pm - 11pm. There is no refund for amounts under $6.50 for each meal swipe, and the user is responsible for any amounts over $6.50. The Union Market accepts Dining Dollars, Razorbuck$, Debit/Credit Cards (where indicated), and cash.

Q. Is there an office for adult or returning students or students who live off-campus? 

Yes, Off-Campus Student Services is located on the Floor 6 of the Arkansas Union, Room 628. They assist undergraduate, non-traditional students with many of the issues involved in returning to college and succeeding with their goals. They also assist students who may have issues with off campus living.