Student Activities

Looking for something to do? Want to meet up with friends? Just need a place to relax between classes?

There is never a dull moment at the Arkansas Union. Whether there is a comedian being hosted in the Union Ballroom, a poetry slam in the coffee shop or a registered student organization hosting an event, the Union is always a place where you can find something to do and learn something new! We encourage all students to come check out the events being hosted in the Union. There are event schedules hanging all throughout the building and a list of events in the building can be found at under "Browse Events".

Want to hang out with your friends for lunch or to talk? Need a space for a class group to meet up and work? No problem! There are plenty of common spaces all throughout the building for students, staff and faculty to meet up, hang out and relax during class. The Living Room Lounge on A3 is one of the most popular destinations for students because it is filled with comfortable couches, relaxing chairs and several tables that allow students a place to meet and study. Within the International Connections Lounge are several small tables that look out on the patios as well as the rest of campus. Near the Union Theatre, there are several couches and tables for students to gather, hang out and relax between classes. We want the Arkansas Union to be a home and a place where you always feel welcome!

ARKU A683 

  • Anne Kittrell Art Gallery
  • Friday Night Live